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I found Jim Gavin's ineffably wonderful TV Show Lodge 49 at the back end of 2021, after it had been unjustly cancelled and before I had any idea just how deep and dense it really was. 

In my excitement, I made this webpage to try and document / catalogue all of the incredible threads, references, jokes, and synchronicities - and create a place where people can come together to contribute to the catalogue, and share stories, or just hang out and have a brew. 

It wasn't long before I got lazy and overwhelmed, so after a couple of posts I left the thing for over a year - but now I'm back, having watched through the show a dozen times and dipped my toe into the seemingly unending library of required reading that the show points us to in order to understand it fully - so please bear with me while I flip between productivity and silence, and while I figure out how to even begin to get everything the show has to say all in one place (and please feel free to contact me to add anything you want!)

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