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A Sovereign Protector Sabbatical

So, it's been over a year since the initial excitement of making this page was completely obliterated by the realisation that I needed to watch the show a million more times, and consume an untold number of secondary sources, in order to properly understand all that the show has to offer. So, like Connie's enthusiastic production of a single Lodge 49 newsletter, I made a couple of posts and then disappeared for 15 months. But now, having spent some time in the tiny-but-evangelical Lodge 49 online community, and watched the show enough times to understand a lot more about it (but also understand that I could literally spend a lifetime analysing it and still miss stuff), I'm ready to stop being a lazy piece of shit and start posting again! When I first started this thing, my idea was to have a place to draw all the lines between the connections in the show, to have some kind of matrix of synchronicities and references and all that there is to notice and enjoy. And one day maybe that's what it will become, but the prospect of doing that from scratch is extremely daunting (and far too much like hard work that requires focus), so I figure I'll change strategies and instead just spew forth whatever Lodge-topic I feel like posting about whenever I feel like posting about it, invite others to do the same, and hopefully end up with some kind of glob of content I can start shaping into a catalogue worthy of this fucking incredible show!


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